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Who Is Socialserve.com?

Socialserve.com is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that combines technology with award-winning customer service to provide customized housing locators and much more.

While we provide many more services besides our online housing locators, most regions begin by installing our scalable housing locators to track local housing inventory and greatly increase access to housing options for their communities.

Our housing locators are up to date and continually monitored by a professional support staff that is available toll free, 11 hours each weekday.

  • Creating websites in English and Spanish that are AAA accessible and Government Section 508, W3C XHTML and CSS compliant
  • Offering the best, most cost-effective solutions, bar none - no costly licensing fees, no need for "discounts"
  • Cloud-based before cloud was cool: hosting and maintaining services with no hardware or software costs
  • Providing services for public housing authorities such as rent reasonableness and comprehensive Housing Choice voucher property listings management
  • Providing extensive, rapid-response disaster housing intervention with accompanying toll-free call center support for large- and small-scale events involving housing loss

Socialserve.com provides a fully-staffed, toll-free English/Spanish call center that helps landlords list and helps tenants search for properties while monitoring the availability and accuracy of listings

Staff in the Charlotte, NC, offices of Socialserve.com Staff in the Charlotte, NC, offices of Socialserve.com
Our Mission:

NPI/Socialserve.com is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping people access affordable housing and supportive services by developing solutions that utilize leading-edge technology. We believe that those in need merit outstanding customer service while at the same time, municipalities deserve cost-effective solutions.

Nonprofit Doesn't Mean Non-Business

Socialserve.com is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization highly experienced in, and dedicated to, developing leading-edge web applications and customer service protocols to generate greater access to housing tools and information.

Socialserve.com software developers build reliable, high-quality, easy-to-use applications that are available through the Internet and via our toll-free call center.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We specialize in development, deployment, integration, and maintenance of housing databases and a variety of other housing tools. Addressing needs that range from simple to complex, we develop fast, scalable, reliable, and stable databases that are cross-platform compatible and very cost-effective.

Website, Technology and Database Consulting

Technology can be confusing to those who deal with it on a daily basis, let alone to those who, either by necessity or under duress, must approach technology solutions for the first time.

Hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars, are spent on unnecessary hardware and software applications. We know what questions to ask. We can review current proposals and even help address your needs, saving you and your agency untold frustration and expense.

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