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Frequently Asked Questions about Affordable Housing for TENANTS

  1. How do I get an application for HUD Housing?

    Many people ask for help with HUD housing, but they really mean that they want any type of subsidized (i.e. reduced rent), affordable housing that may assist them. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has several types of housing programs. There is information on the HUD website, but the majority of HUD funds for the Los Angeles area go through the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles and other cities. There are other types of housing subsidy programs that are not called HUD programs. This website tries to provide information on all types of programs and will continue to add more information.

    You can search for HUD-funded housing in Los Angeles County here:

    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Affordable Apartment Search
  2. How do I get Section 8 Housing?

    The Section 8 Voucher has been an effective tool to help very low income families and individuals pay for rental housing. 29. Both the City and County of Los Angeles have housing authorities that manage Section 8 vouchers and public housing.) You will need to check each housing authority for more information. Be prepared to learn that there is an overwhelming demand for Section 8 vouchers, and many waiting lists are closed.

  3. How do I find affordable housing or rent subsidies?

    There are many types of housing assistance programs that have been created by federal, state and local governments. Many of them can only be accessed at individual rental properties. Other programs only apply in certain cities or eligible areas within the County. And some programs only apply to certain types of people (i.e. seniors, veterans) or people at certain income levels.

    The best way to approach this search is to start locally, and check the resources of your local jurisdiction. All cities in Los Angeles Counties have websites, and some have housing departments and/or housing authorities. All of the logos and seals on this website also link to the website of that governmental body or agency.

    Many of the lists and links on this website will provide information on specialized affordable housing resources.

  4. Isn't there one single list of government-subsidized housing that I could look at?

    Unfortunately, there isn't. Los Angeles County has 88 cities and a County government that administers programs for unincorporated County and cities under 50,000. There are also federal, state and privately-funded housing resources that exist throughout the County.

    Housing and Community Investment Department require that affordable housing projects register on this website, but they may not have available units at any given time.

    There is much regional cooperation to share and consolidate lists of housing resources, so keep checking this website for updates. Using the "Find Rental Housing" search feature will also help identify reduced-rent, or income restricted rental apartments in the area you are searching.

  5. I'm looking for housing for a parent, or for myself. What can I do to improve my chances of finding affordable housing?

    Because many reduced-rent, income-restricted, and subsidized rental housing units, have strict eligibility requirements, it is important for you to know the approximate annual income, ages and family size of the person(s) that are looking for housing. This will assist the local governments, agencies and other professionals who are trying to help you locate housing.

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