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So Much More
Explore services for tenant service professionals, public housing authorities, governments and state housing agencies.

Socialserve.com Is So Much More
Than Housing Location

From disaster intervention to rent reasonableness, we can serve your housing agency needs with leading-edge technology and our toll-free, bilingual call center.

Our customized services are one-stop shops of up-to-date, online housing information, fully supported by our North Carolina-based, toll-free bilingual call center.
More Socialserve.com Services
Our award-winning call center is here for you, offering toll-free, bilingual phone support from 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday - Friday.
Regain community stability by quickly re-housing displaced disaster victims.
Special Needs Special Needs
Letting landlords privately offer units to special populations, increasing scattered-site options for clients.
Pre-Screening Pre-Screening
Professional call center services and online tools to pre-screen for program eligibility.
Marketing Marketing
Custom marketing collateral and strategies to target the right audiences to maximize listings and searches.
Outreach Outreach
Tailored marketing to landlords and partnering agencies to optimize usage of your Socialserve.com services.
Lead Safe Lead Safe
Easy-to-use tools to identify and list housing that meets Lead Safe guidelines.
Senior Facility Database Senior Facility Database
Senior housing listing service synced regularly with state licensure status information.
Training Training
Regular assistance via webinar, phone, live click-through and onsite sessions to ensure that your Socialserve.com services experience optimal use and access.
Generating rent comparisons based on the most comprehensive, updated rental data on the market. Innovative solutions for finding comparables in rural areas.
Surveys Surveys
Real-time, detailed, custom data collected via call center and email services.
Stats Stats
Customized reporting based on the current, accurate data generated by Socialserve.com services.
GIS Mapping GIS Mapping
Compelling graphic representation of comprehensive housing data. Custom GIS overlays.
Livability Index Livability Index
Demographic rating tools for planning and locating housing in areas with specific features. Schools, crime, job statistics and much more.
Inventory Inventory
Easy tracking of complex housing-project information and inventory.
Custom Software Applications Custom Software Applications
Affordable, on-demand software for the housing continuum. Experts in AAA and 508 Title II compliant web tools.
For more information about these services, please email sales@socialserve.com.
and so much more
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