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Explore services for tenant service professionals, public housing authorities, governments and state housing agencies.

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Meet the Award-Winning
Socialserve.com Call Center

Socialserve.com - housing locator services and so much more

Our toll-free call center was established in 1999 to help landlords and tenants access housing information even when they couldn't reach a computer or just preferred personal interaction instead of the Internet.
The added convenience of free phone support in English and Spanish not only upholds our mission of increasing access to housing information; the call center adds the human element so necessary to a service dealing with the critical issue of safe, decent, affordable housing.
No other housing locator in the country offers such thorough, live, real support, and at no cost to callers.
Special projects we are currently doing for our partners:
Pre-screening and eligibility determination for Hardest Hit programs
Specialized landlord outreach to increase housing opportunities for Money Follows the Person transitions
Socialserve.com's Award-Winning Call Center
Call Center staff continually manage and update housing information and help callers with a broad range of housing needs. Available toll free, 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. Eastern Time, weekdays.
They're busy!
There's no rest for the call center. Staff takes part in regular trainings to keep up with the unique needs of each region we serve across the country. They become geography and topography buffs as they move seamlessly from one call, helping a landlord list accessible properties in the Arizona desert, to the next, working with a caller to find a suitable Housing Choice unit in a rural area, to the next, helping a displaced storm victim find a new home, and the list goes on. The call center handles thousands of contacts weekly from across the country.
And that's definitely not all.
The call center provides crucial triage services during times of disaster, assisting with emergency housing location for displaced victims.
Call center representatives can...
  • Take the time to answer caller questions in detail; no time limit is placed on calls.
  • Conduct housing searches according to specific caller need - such as location, accessibility features or no credit/criminal check required - and mail, fax, email or simply convey search results over the phone.
  • Explain the Housing Choice/Section 8 process and provide housing authority contact information for referral.
  • Give tips to property providers for making listings more appealing to prospective tenants, help add photos to listings and even conduct market comparisons to determine if adjustments to rents or deposits are needed.
  • Remove listings from public view for landlords immediately when rented to help avoid unwanted calls.
Some Socialserve.com staff members model 10-year anniversary T-shirts at our offices in Charlotte, NC
For more information about these services, please email sales@socialserve.com.
and so much more
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