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Socialserve.com a Trusted Resource for Listing Shared Housing

Charlotte, NC (November 2012) – Regions are turning to Socialserve.com to advertise shared-housing opportunities to the public. Socialserve.com housing locators, known for being customizable and scalable for all types of housing listings, are uniquely suited to help providers of shared housing to market their units, while free search tools help renters quickly locate living options.  

San Mateo County, California, added a direct link to access shared housing listings on the homepage of the recently launched SMCHousingSearch.org. On other Socialserve.com housing locators, a category in the "Type" drop-down menu, available under the "Advanced" and "Accessible" search tabs, lets searchers narrow results by "Shared Housing / Room to Rent."    

Affordable Living for the Aging (ALA) in Los Angeles County recently released the whitepaper "Strategies for Scaling Shared Housing: Best Practices, Challenges & Recommendations" [PDF 3MB]. In it, Socialserve.com is referenced as a tool for marketing shared housing while also protecting the privacy of individuals who are opening their homes. Rachel Caraviello, VP of Programs & Services for ALA, notes, "Socialserve.com is an incredibly effective first step in the process. The online shared housing listing reaches a large audience and instructs those interested in advertised opportunities to contact ALA for further screening."  

Find the ALA whitepaper here [PDF 3MB] and read about shared housing on SMCHousingSearch.org. To list or search for shared housing in your region, start at www.socialserve.com or call 1-877-428-8844 (M-F 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Eastern Time) toll free for live assistance.

Note: Due to rapid growth of our service, information and statistics represented in these releases may have changed significantly since publication. For current statistics or to verify any information, please contact Socialserve.com.
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