Charlotte, NC (July 11, 2018) – What is life like after incarceration? For many, it’s daunting and frustrating. Securing housing, employment, and other critical needs can be extremely challenging.

Fortunately, communities across the country are finding ways to increase opportunities for people who have served time, from financial and job-skills training to evolving housing and employment policies.

On July 11, Executive Director Tara Peele joined a discussion about resources for post-release life on the popular Charlotte, NC, radio program Charlotte Talks. For nearly 2 decades, has been one of the Charlotte employers where people with records can go to find an open door.

Peele and 3 other panelists – Myra Clark, Executive Director of Charlotte's Center for Community Transitions; Adam Gelb, Director of the Pew Charitable Trusts Public Safety Performance Project; and Erik Ortega, Program Director of LifeWorks! – discussed essential transition services, as well as reducing barriers and recidivism to create a safer, more productive society.

Hear the full discussion here.