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Section 8 Housing Assistance Program

The rules and regulations for the Section 8 Housing assistance Program are determined by the U.S. Department (HUD). The success of the program depends on the local housing agency (CHA - Charlotte Housing Authority) being able to contract with property managers and owners who have decent, safe and sanitary rental units. In most communities across the nation, in particular Charlotte, NC there is a shortage of decent and affordable housing. The subsidy that comes with the Section 8 program helps families to rent in many different neighborhoods. Participant families include elderly persons, disabled persons, and working families who do not earn enough to keep pace with rising rental costs. Many of these low-income families in our community rely on property owners like you, who are willing to participate in the program.

Charlotte Housing Authority (CHA) Service Commitment

As a public service agency, CHA's goal is to provide excellent service to the families and owners participating in the Section 8 Program. CHA will make every effort to inform you of the program rules, and to explain how these rules affect you. Since Federal regulations are not always easy to understand, it is very important to ask questions if something is unclear.

Since CHA may need to contact you from time to time, please be sure they have a daytime phone number where you can be reached. Your cooperation is essential to CHA being able to serve you and any family you may select as a renter.

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