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Services by Socialserve
Socialserve is a nonprofit, bilingual call center that connects people to housing and provides supportive, second chance employment. We provide professional housing location and listing services across the United States through our partnership with Emphasys Software.
We also assist displaced households in finding new housing, offer waiting list opening support, and gather housing data on behalf of many organizations across the country.
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Service icon Disaster Intervention
  • Implementation of strategies to draw landlords and tenants to a centralized housing information source.
  • Recruitment of property providers to list units for displaced households.
  • Weekly verification of unit availability, with reports and lists provided to relief agencies.
Service icon Relocation
  • Intensive, tailored housing location assistance for households displaced by buyouts or conversions of apartment communities.
  • On-demand reports on tenant status for property owners.
  • Administration of financial relocation assistance, if offered.
Service icon Waiting List Opening and Prescreening Support
  • Sharing information about program eligibility.
  • Assisting prospective tenants in applying for waiting lists and programs; ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities and others who need help completing applications.
  • Support and training for housing program staff using Emphasys Software waiting list tools.
  • Creation of custom phone scripts and reports.
Service icon Surveys
  • Communicating and collecting key housing program information to/from program participants, such as housing providers.
  • Sharing real-time feedback with program staff to support tenancy retention.
  • Custom reports with survey responses and trends.
  • Quick delivery of information about impending vacancies to facilitate rapid housing referrals.
Service icon Landlord Recruitment
  • Promoting local or regional housing initiatives to encourage property providers to offer housing to priority populations such as veterans, people with disabilities, and homeless households.
  • Expediting housing placement by recruiting and prescreening landlords in high-need areas.
  • Secured access to information about participating properties.
Service icon Rent Reasonableness
  • Conducting market surveys of rental housing in program target areas.
  • Working with housing agencies to develop tailored rent-comparable data sets.
  • Training program staff to access and use online rent reasonableness tools.
Service icon Hotlines
  • Management of hotlines to share information with or gather complaints or work orders from property providers and residents
  • Referral to appropriate resources as needed.
  • Custom scripts and reports.
Service icon Inspection Coordination
  • Coordinating property inspection process, including scheduling and updating key parties with inspection outcomes.
  • Verifying property ownership and conducting debarment and rent reasonableness checks.
  • Facilitating payment of inspectors.
Housing CLT
Socialserve achieves positive change in our home city through HousingCLT, a landlord liaison consortium which fosters collaboration among housing providers and service providers to increase affordable housing options for Charlotteans who are homeless. Working closely with the City of Charlotte, local services providers, landlords, and community members, HousingCLT is engaging property providers, managing a risk mitigation fund and tenant referral processes, and remaining in constant communication with all parties to ensure successful tenancies.
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A Partner of Emphasys Software
Emphasys Software provides solutions that increase access to housing, including accessible websites, special-needs housing listings, waitlist and prescreening tools, and more.
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For more information about our suite of services, please visit EmphasysHLS.com.
Are you an agency who needs an affordable housing database, real-time facility listings, rent reasonableness, or waitlist tools?
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