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No units or buildings are certified lead-safe
Reportado como Some units are Lead Safe. (Certified) - Some units are Lead Safe. (Certified)
Only a portion of the building or complex has applied for lead-safe registration. Ex. In duplex some could mean one unit is lead-safe and the other is not. Or in multifamily project it could mean 10 out of 15 buildings with units are lead-safe.
Reportado como All units are Lead Safe. (Certified) - All units are Lead Safe. (Certified)
The entirety of all rental units and common areas are lead-safe certified. Ex. In a multi-building complex, all would mean all the buildings and all the units in every building.

"Lead-safe" means one of the following:

  1. The unit was or is constructed after January 1, 1978;
  2. The residential rental unit is lead free as determined by a licensed lead inspector or lead risk assessor after an inspection of the unit; or
  3. The units were deemed lead-safe based on an annual lead evaluation conducted by the rental unit owner or agent of the owner. To conduct this lead evaluation, the rental unit owner or agent must have completed a training program on residential rental unit lead-safe maintenance practices approved by the Director of the Ohio Department of Health. This evaluation applies to the interior surfaces, attached or unattached structures that are considered associated with the unit, and the lot that the unit occupies. A home constructed prior to January 1, 1978 is in lead-safe condition if a dust-wipe evaluation reveals no presence of lead dust exceeding Ohio’s standards. This means the paint and other components which may cause exposure to lead are in good condition and is no immediate threat to health. The evaluation also includes a visual assessment for the presence of paint chips in the landscaping and yard around the house. And, any conditions on the property that may cause lead exposure have been remediated in accordance with standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. If these standards are met, the home is considered lead-safe for 12 months following the evaluation. The owner or agent of the owner has to maintain a record of residential unit lead-safe practices for at least three years that document these practices including dust sampling.


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