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Who is Socialserve.com?

Socialserve.com is a national fee-for-service, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Charlotte, NC. For almost 20 years we've provided our call center services to government organizations and other non-profits. Learn more about us.

Director of housingCLT

Reporting to the Executive Director (ED) of Non-Profit Industries (best known for its housing locator service Socicalserve.com), the Director of housingCLT will spearhead the launch and growth of a new Charlotte-Mecklenburg landlord liaison consortium called housingCLT, which will create a unified, collaborative approach among landlords, services providers, and homeless households to increase housing opportunities through education, outreach, and coordination. This new grant-funded position will have the opportunity to build and promote the program in collaboration with a project oversight committee, leveraging Socialserve.com’s internal resources and experience with landlord outreach and education. The position includes cultivating strategic partnerships, training, outreach, marketing, and multi-agency coordination and collaboration to both implement and expand the housingCLT program.
The housingCLT program will cultivate widespread awareness and collaboration among housing providers and human service agencies, which will increase affordable housing opportunities for people who are homeless and have diverse needs and barriers. It will be the first program of its kind in North Carolina, modeled after Seattle’s successful Landlord Liaison Project, and benefiting from access to the online housing location resources and national landlord recruitment experience of Charlotte-based Socialserve.com.

About Non-Profit Industries d/b/a Socialserve.com

Non-Profit Industries (NPI) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to empowering individuals to transition to success through professional careers. We believe that helping others generates positive change for all. NPI runs a national call center based in Charlotte, North Carolina that provides jobs to hard-to-employ people who then help others access affordable housing and supportive services in their communities. NPI does business as, and is best known for its affordable housing locator program, Socialserve.com.
The Director of housingCLT will work in collaboration with the housingCLT oversight committee and many participating organizations, but will be employed and supervised directly by Socialserve.com. The Director will be able to leverage Socialserve.com’s ability to build a landlord participant list into a secured area of the existing NCHousingSearch.org housing locator, and engage Socialserve.com’s experienced landlord recruitment staff to support his/her work with housingCLT participants.
This position has primary reporting/duty accountability to:
Executive Director
Primary Goals and Objectives of the Position
  • Create positive partnerships between housing providers, service agencies, and homeless households
  • Develop shared system for accessing housing resources for homeless households
  • Develop common language and criteria for engaging landlords
  • Encourage housing providers to use alternative screening criteria accounting for possible barriers to housing
  • Promote understanding of landlord-tenant laws
  • Track and ensure support is offered to tenants to foster housing stability
  • Create incentives for participating landlords including a risk mitigation fund
Job Tasks
  • Become acquainted with Socialserve.com’s housing locator tools and call center capabilities;
  • Work collaboratively and seamlessly with Socialserve.com staff and the project oversight committee to develop and implement a messaging and community outreach plan targeting landlords, services providers, and prospective tenants;
  • Responsible for fulfillment and distribution of marketing/outreach materials, including marketing collateral and talking points, web content, social media presence, e-blasts, processes, MOUs, and guidelines to establish housingCLT as a recognizable entity in the community;
  • Organize and participate in community outreach activities to educate landlords, service providers, prospective tenants, and the broader community about housingCLT;
  • Learn about local initiatives that offer opportunities for collaboration and information-sharing;
  • Meet regularly with housingCLT oversight committee to provide updates and receive guidance;
  • Manage the development and maintenance the Good Neighbor Certification program, developing criteria for tenant participation that adheres to fair housing laws and does not create barriers for participants;
  • Coordinate landlord, tenant, and service provider trainings;
  • Monitor unit inventory and utilization of the housingCLT portal within NCHousingSearch.org;
  • Design and manage the Reserve and Risk Mitigation Fund for landlord arrears and repairs;
  • Assist with applications for funding for housingCLT; and
  • Serve as ambassador of housingCLT in the interaction with partners and the community.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Undergraduate degree preferred, with at least five years of housing outreach, and/or homeless services experience. Familiarity with Charlotte-area housing resources is highly desired.
  • Basic familiarity with fair housing and landlord-tenant laws.
  • Must have outstanding presentation, written, and verbal communication skills.
  • Must have effective time-management skills and be able to multi-task and prioritize tasks.
  • An innate leader who can work independently and as part of a team.
  • Demonstrated excellence in organizational, managerial, and interpersonal communication skills;
  • Outstanding coalition-building skills and ability to work with people with diverse backgrounds;
  • Persuasive and passionate communicator who can both "sell" housingCLT and build the lasting relationships that are key to its success;
  • Highly energetic and committed to the primary goals of the housingCLT program; and
  • Proficient with excel and design software for program tracking and marketing.

Interested candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, salary requirements, and 3 professional letters of reference to employment@socialserve.com.

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