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Rental Assistance Portal

Effective July 29, 2022: The Indiana Emergency Rental Assistance (IERA) program has paused accepting applications to analyze and determine the amount of funds available to assist new households.

Sign up here to be notified if the portal reopens for new applications.

If you have already applied for IERA your application will be processed. Please continue to check your email frequently and provide any additional information that we may request from your household.

If your household is currently receiving IERA assistance, your assistance will not be affected. However, it is required that you recertify every three months to make sure that you receive your full 18 months of assistance. Please click the link and complete and submit the Recertification Application when it becomes available.

Important Note: If you live in Hamilton County or Marion County (Indianapolis), you should continue to apply to the programs serving those counties unless you and your landlord are participating in the Indiana Eviction Diversion Program. Click here to access the rental assistance programs in Hamilton County and Marion County.

If you are a landlord or utility company, you can click here to access the Vendor Portal.

If you are currently receiving rental assistance or have applied and are waiting to see if you are eligible, please call or email customer service at 317-800-6000 or

Still need help? For counseling services including budgeting, addiction, housing and family resources you can contact IN-CAA via For legal counsel or assistance with eviction hearings, you can contact the Indiana Bar Foundation via For questions about other resources and services, please call 2-1-1.

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