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Rental Assistance Portal

The Rental Assistance Portal is currently accepting applications for the Indiana Emergency Rental Assistance (IERA) program. This program can provide up to 15 months in rental assistance to help cover past due and ongoing monthly rent and utility payments for qualifying Indiana renters.

Important Note: Individuals living in Hamilton County, Marion County (Indianapolis), and the City of Fort Wayne are not eligible to apply for the IERA program. Households living in these areas must apply for rental assistance with their local municipality.

Information on the IERA rental assistance program may be found at: The page contains helpful information for renters, landlords, and utility providers and helpful assistance examples and a list of frequently asked questions.

Click here to apply.

Access the Vendor Portal if you are a landlord or utility company.

If you are unable to complete the application online, please call 2-1-1 to get assistance with completing and submitting an Indiana Emergency Rental Assistance application.

If you are interested in subscribing to receive updates about housing assistance resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, please click here.

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OK, the house has been rented, but what does it cost to move in? The following represents one scenario of costs associated with moving into a 'typical two-bedroom property with gas heat. It is critical that we support programs and initiatives in our communities that assist low-income individuals and families in defraying these costs!

Costs can vary dramatically depending on many variables, most especially city, location and credit history. These figures represent a non-scientific survey, we called around, of rates for the types of services listed. Your actual mileage may vary.

Description: Cost: Cost Per Category: Cumulative Totals:
Application Fee (1) $30    
Credit/Criminal/Work History (2) $20
Security Deposit (3) $681
1st Month Rent (3) $681
Electric Deposit - gas heat (4) $125    
Gas Deposit - Gas heat (4) $175*
Phone Deposit (4) $90+
Water Deposit (4) $75
    $465 $1877
Renter's Insurance (5) $150    
Moving Fees (6) $150
Transportation Costs (7) $50
    $350 $2227
Stove - Used (8) $150    
Refrigerator - Used (8) $175    
    $325 $2552
GRAND TOTAL:     $2552

The Fine Print:

This estimate does not include the cost of:

All information was collected through mid-January of 2005 and may vary or is based on one or more of the following;  [a] actual amounts may vary from vendor to vendor,  [b] individual surveys of landlords representing low to medium income rental units,  [c] averages from utility companies.

(1) Source: Survey of Charlotte, NC landlords listing with Application fee ranges from $20 - $40 per adult over the age of 17, with the majority of landlords/property management companies charging $20.
(2) Source: Equifax
(3) Source: The average rent for a two-bedroom unit in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg market. This varies depending on the source; however, with current market conditions being growth-oriented, this average will continue to increase for at least the near-foreseeable future. Security deposits are customarily set at the same amount as the rent. Again, this varies by landlord and even by property in some instances.
(4) Source: Utility companies charge for hook-up with no prior credit history. Each of these figures can vary dramatically based on an individual's credit history, past service record with the utility provider, and the number of gas vs. electric appliances. Gas deposit is based on the average of the two highest winter-month bills at the address of the unit. Utility bills in excess of $300+ per month are not uncommon.
(5) Source: Local costs between Allstate, Nationwide and State Farm for annual renter's insurance. Varies widely by coverage request.
(6) Source: Average rental truck cost for a full-day plus gas/mileage/insurance, etc.
(7) Source: Based on utilizing public transportation [bus and/or taxi] to submit rental application, sign lease, move small personal items and purchase food and cleaning supplies.

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